Munich light malt 13-17 EBC - 1 kg - Castle Malting

Kr. 19
Inklusive moms: Kr. 2,5 (Mva 15%)
Lagerstatus: 11
Billigste frakt fra pris
Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture %   4.5
Extract (dry basis) % 80.0  
Extract difference fine-coarse %   2.5
Wort color EBC(Lov.) 13.0 (5.4) 17.0 (6.9)
Total protein %   11.5
Soluble protein %   4.9
Kolbach index %   49.0
Hartong 45o % 38.0 46.0
Viscosity cp   1.65
Diastatic power WK 150  
Friability % 80.0  
Glassiness (whole grains) %   2.5
NDMA ppb   3.0
Saccharification Minutes   15
Calibration: - above 2.5 mm % 90.0  
Attenuation limit % 77.0  
Belgian specialty malt of Münich type. Kilned up to 100-105°C.
Rich, golden malt. Provides a modest colour increase toward a nice, golden-orange colour. Adds a pronounced grainy malty flavour to many beer styles without affecting the foam stability and body. Is also used in small quantities in combination with Château Pilsen 2RS to produce light colour beers, improving the malty flavour and giving the beer a richer colour. Enhances the taste of character beers.
Pale ale, amber, brown, strong and dark beers, bocks. Up to 60% of the mix.

Storage and Shelf life

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