Jarrylo, 1x,x% AA, 2016 - 100 g

Kr. 30
Inklusive moms: Kr. 3,9 (Mva 15%)
Lagerstatus: 50
Billigste frakt fra pris

Jarryło is the god of fertility, heralding spring. The presented was as a barefoot young man (or more rarely a girl), in a white robe, a white horse, with a wreath on his head. attributes of deity are based or sheaf of grain in one hand and in the other a human head.

 Dual purpose

Aroma: Pear, orange, spicy, fruity
Alpha: 15- 17 %
Beta- 7.37
Co-Hum: 35.41
Co-Lup: 59.63

AA 14,2
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